Large Light Pole Shut-Welding Machine / light pole production line with ISO Approval

Product Details:
Place of Origin: wuxi,china
Brand Name: cmc
Model Number: 340/16000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: according to the machine requirement
Packaging Details: Suitable for container shipping
Delivery Time: 50-60 days
Payment Terms: FOB/CIF
Supply Ability: According requirement

Detail Information

High Light:

pole welding machine


light pole welding machine

Product Description



1.This system can weld the pole from small end to bottom end full area and almost no left length out of welding. This way is reduced the manual working of the next process.


2.The clamping roller is 8 sets from all different direction, the advantage is reduce the roller pressure to the pole surface, and reduce the scratch on the surface. It is much better for octagonal pole welding.


3.both side push cylinder is giving big force to close the pole, and special suitable for big thickness small diameter pole.


4.The pulling trolly with motorized fast returning back function, no need operator to push back manually and it reduces the labor intensity of operators.


5.Pull trolly with pneumatic clamping device, compared with manual clamping, simple and fast (pull type pole welding machine, no clamping device, so every time must be the welding ground wire before welding, clamped to each lamp pole above. Our pull type one, welding speed is more stable, after welding, welding bending less, no need to connect the welding ground wire, more easy to operate)


6.Submerged Arc Welding and Gas-shielded welding(CO2) Welding both function.


7.Back side with mute roller supporting standard design , without back supporting trolly and no need push back the trolly. More easy for loading pole on machine ,reduce manpower.


8.with back pole guiding device.




LIGHT POLE SHUT-WELDING MACHINE , it is suitable for one piece type polygonal and circle taper(Conical) light pole. it is automatic welding line, the dolly with speed adjustable motor can pull the light pole from small end to big end, The hydraulic cylinder through mechanical chain, worm wheel push the clamping wheel to close the pole and do welding at same time.


The machine includes the following items:



Long working table with gear and rack driving system for pull trolly.


Trolly for pulling pole, including speed adjust frequency motor, driving system, guiding device, and pneumatic clamping system.


Hydraulic clamping and welding unit,including the 8 sets clamping wheels for polygonal and conical pole and side additional hydraulic clamping system for big thickness pole.


Submerged Arc Welding and Gas-shielded welding(CO2) Welding system, including power, welding wire feeding system,flux recycle system, welding ground wire.


Back side with mute roller supporting standard


hydraulic system, double pump, double motor, double control system


Pneumatic system, for clamping pole.


Elctrical control system, including frequency driver, operation panel,cable etc.




Workable Diameter



Workable length


16000 mm



2000 MM

Light pole thickness


(with option)


Light pole diameter:: 60~340mm 2.8~5mm
  Light pole diameter: : 200~340mm 4~8mm

Clamping feet quantity


8 units, ( the advantage is that more clamping unit , it gives less pressure and less mark on the surface of pole.



Power of Motor for Pump


4 KW

Power of Motor for pulling dolly


4 KW, AC speed changeable type.


8 Welding Machine 

500A, (Submerged Arc Welding and Gas-shielded welding(CO2) Welding



Welding wire diameter


1.2~2.0mm welding wire, according the pole thickness to do selection


10 Working Speed  1~3m/min (Note: different thickness speed will be different 
11 Main Electric Elements  Schneider (France brand)
12 Main motor frequency driver

Schneider (France brand)

Or Delta (Taiwan brand)

13 Main motor Brand Siemens, or WNM, Chinese famous brand 
14 Welding power Brand Panasonic(Japanese brand) 
15 Weight  6350 kg

Overall sizes (mm)

33000x3000x4500 mm (LXWXH )

Both Side additional hydraulic cylinder advantage:



It is suitable for small diameter big thickness light pole, or steel plate with high tensile strength light pole.

It can give big force to close the opened pole and do seam welding at same time.



Dolly fast going back device


When finish the pole welding, after press the button, the dolly will return back to main welding head with fast speed. And stop automatically (note: manual type machine, the dolly must be pushed back by operator , it is hard work and needs more time)



Pneumatic clamping unit , advantage:


With Pneumatic clamping unit for pole, it is easy for operator and much faster then manual type clamping.

(Note : Pushing type pole shut welding machine , without any clamping unit for pole, and have to connect the ground wire for every pole before welding. So, Compare pole pushing type welding machine , Our pulled type machine is more stable for welding speed and after welding, the pole has less welding curve. No need put ground wire for every pole before welding. So more easy)





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