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120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine

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120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine

120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine
120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine

Large Image :  120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine

Product Details:
Brand Name: CMC
Model Number: RW-DC120/300
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Negotiation

120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine

High Light:

120mm Robotic Welding Machine


300mm Robotic Welding Machine


CNC door frame cutting machine


MODEL: RW-DC120/300




The welding system are applied for light pole base plate welding production. By real time communication between robot and welding power, according to different welding position to gain good quality welding seam,.


This machine has six major applications in the production of street light poles, as follows:

  • CNC cut flat of the pole bottom ,
  • Positioning and assembly of the bottom plate,
  • Welding the inner and outer seams between the bottom plate and the pole,
  • Welding the base plate stiffener,
  • CNC electrical door cutting
  • Door frame welding


Suitable for conical poles, round poles, octagonal poles, polygonal poles, equal diameter poles


Main parameter:

NO. Item Parameter
1 Pole min diameter 120mm
2 Pole max diameter 300mm
3 Pole max.length 12m or 14m
4 Pole min. thickness 2.5mm
5 Pole max. thickness

For welding :12mm

For door cutting thickness 8mm, Option=12mm)


The maximum thickness of the expanded tube that can be deformed


Pole max weight


Option: 500kg


Max QTY of base plate stiffener


Note: If the quantity is large and the spacing of the stiffeners is small and the welding torch is affected, half of the stiffeners can be welded



Size of base plate stiffener


Normal street light poles and high mast are suitable

(Different sizes of stiffener require different molds, which can be processed and manufactured by the user in accordance with the mold provided in the machine)



Welding speed

Reference speed 300~500mm/min

Different thickness and different welding speed


Base plate shape

Circle, square, octagon, multiple sides of four sides


Min thickness of base plate


Recommended value, too thin, difficult to weld inside and outside, easy to burn through)


Max thickness of base plate

Suitable for normal poles


Min size of base plate



Max size of base plate

Diameter:500mm, or square plate 500x500.

Option: Diameter:700mm, or square plate 700x700.


Requirements for the consistency of the size of the stiffener and the base plate

Dimension tolerance is within 1mm

It is recommended to use laser cutting or plasma cutting to ensure the consistency of the size to obtain a better robot welding effect



Requirements for the size consistency of the door frame

Generally, the door frame is purchased from outside, and the size tolerance is more than 1mm.

Therefore, it is necessary to manually install the door frame, and after the spot welding is firmly (or after the clamping, the robot will weld again, if the tolerance is relatively small, it can also be directly welded by the robot

(Note: If the dimensional tolerance of the door frame is relatively large, it will cause the gap between the door frame and the door to be relatively large, leading to local leakage of welding, and local manual repair welding is required later)


Regarding the position of the switch plasma cutting,

The maximum distance from the highest point of the door to the base plate


Cutting type

Standard:pipe type cutting(3 axis)

Option flat surface type cutting + pipe type cutting (4 axis)


Door size and shape

There is no limit in the cutting range


Regarding the welding position of the door frame,The maximum distance from the highest point of the door to the base plate


Suitable for pole type

Conical poles, round poles, octagonal poles, polygonal shapes above octagonal, and equal diameter poles are all suitable


Plasma source

Hypertherm Powermax 45

(Made in USA) 


Max perforation and quality cutting thickness

8mm(suggested value)

Cutting speed

The cutting time of a door on a normal street light pole is 30~40 seconds

CNC system

Si Dafeng(SF-2100S)



CNC Plasma cutting torch

1 set

Arc voltage height controller


Height device

Plasma Torch height moving device, 1set


Production speed

(Including inner and outer welding of base plate, electric door cutting, door frame welding)

Normal street light pole: 12~16 minutes

5G pole: 40~45 minutes

The specific time depends on the size of the pole, the size of the stiffener, and the size of the door



The general layout is as following:

120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 0




Proprietary features:

  1. This machine integrates six functions, which can be completed in one loading and unloading. CNC cut flat of the pole bottom, the positioning and assembly of the base plate, the internal and external welding between the base plate and the pole, the welding of the bottom plate stiffener, the electrical door cutting , and the door frame welding . The material flow and loading and unloading time between independent processes are greatly reduced, and the production space is saved.
  2. With pole expansion function, eliminate the gap between the inner hole of the base plate and the pole, and realize automatic welding smoothly
  3. With the function of automatic placement and welding of the stiffener
  4. It adopts Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries robot with good operability and excellent quality.
  5. Adopting famous welding power source, good welding seam quality and high welding efficiency
  6. The positioner has a large turning angle, which can realize the most reasonable angle welding
  7. Beautiful welding shape and high reliability
  8. The CNC cutting of the light pole door , the cutting shape can be circle, square, rectangle, oval, etc. Any graphics that can be drawn by computer CAD can be cut by the special software that comes with the machine.
  9. The cutting source is automatic plasma, so the cutting speed will be very fast, and the cut will be smooth and round
  10. Due to the use of the Hypertherm Powermax plasma source and cutting gun, the cutting gap is relatively small, and the cut pieces can be used as door covers
  11. After the electric door is cut, if the door frame needs to be welded, the robot can complete the automatic welding of the door frame. And the door frame welding needs to be equipped with the laser positioning function
  12. The entire machine is designed in the form of a one-way assembly line. The poles are stacked on the left side of the machine. The operator can move one by one to the right to complete the welding, and the welded poles are stacked on the right. The pole moves and rises, no crane is required, and the labor intensity of the operator is low
  13. Save a lot of labor costs
  14. Can adapt to long hours of work throughout the day


Option Items:

Door cutting plasma: Hypertherm Powermax45,suggestion max. thickness 8mm. Option: Hypertherm Powermax65,suggestion max. thickness12mm.

The maximum pole diameter is 400mm, and square tube maximum size 350x350, the electric chuck inner diameter 620mm, suitable for 5G heavy pole (as 500kg) , Base plate max. diameter 700mm , or square base plate 700x700mm

3. flat surface type cutting + pipe type cutting (4 axis)

  1. On the square tube, there are 2 stiffeners on one side. A stiffener device is required, which can be moved up and down, suitable for different positions of the stiffener
  2. The laser positioning function is configured for welding the position and size of parts. The consistency is poor, about more then 1mm. Because the purchased door frame has the same size different, it is recommended that the door frame welded should be equipped with the laser positioning function.
  3. If the small end position is a square tube, the small end support cannot be rotated, and the support type needs to be changed. Add the 12-meter guide rail and the movable support of the small end to improve the accuracy of cutting and welding. It is suitable for round poles, square tubes, and octagonal poles. The small end support is servo synchronous rotation. In this way, it is no longer necessary to make a tooling fixture that turns square to round.
  4. pole bottom expansion tool
  5. stiffener tool
  6. Spare parts for Robot welding
  7. Spare parts for plasma cutting
  8. Networked production data system, the machine is connected to the Internet in the customer workshop,

Function (1):

can provide production management data: power on time, welding time, cutting time, non welding time, production quantity, etc

Function (2):

After the machine is connected to the Internet, the machine supplier can assist the customer in remote fault diagnosis and remote parameter adjustment. Convenient for customers to quickly resume production.



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120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 1

120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 2



Robot welding system


1.Kawasaki Robot BA006N (Japanese brand)

BA series is a series of robots developed for welding specially. It is designed for welding specially. It is easy to operate and can achieve skilled welding operation through simple teaching operation. A touch LCD color display screen with excellent visual effect and easy operation is installed on the teaching device. Robot welding machine only need a cable connection, can classify welding conditions of storage, and one key call.

                              120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 3




Teaching methods Simple Operation Teaching AS Language Programming
Manner of execution Manual mode Independent axes, basic coordinate system and tool coordinate system
Reproduction mode

Interpolation action of each axis/line and


Storage capacity   8000 steps are equivalent
General signal External Operating Signal Emergency stop, external hold signal
Input and output 32+32
















Kawasaki BA series robots use E01 control cabinet, compact shape, suitable operation system, rich functions, easy maintenance and high scalability. 6.5 inch color LCD screen, touch screen 640 x 480 pixels. Backlighting is used to make the LCD screen easier to see. The operating system adopts WINDOWS CE. The drop-down menu is used for window display, which makes the editing process simple and easy

120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 4


Fuctions Standard arc welding



Arm form Vertical multiple joints
DOF 6 axis
Maximum load capacity(KG) 6

Maximum range of action




JT2 +150~-90
JT3 +45~-175
JT4 ±180
JT5 ±135
JT6 ±360

Maximum speed of action




JT2 240
JT3 220
JT4 430
JT5 430
JT6 650
Inertia[N.M] JT4 12
JT5 12
JT6 3.75

Inertial moment


JT4 0.4
JT5 0.4
JT6 0.07
Repeated positioning accuracy [MM] ±0.05
Horizontal elongation [MM] 1445
Weight[KG] 150
Power capacity [KVA] 3.0
Installation mode Ground,Top loading
Installation environment Temperature 0~45°
Humidity 35~85%( No dew)
Vibration 0.5G以下Less than 0.5
Others Robot installation must be away from the interference of flammable or corrosive liquid or gas appliances
IP Level IP65
Recommended Controller E01



Range of action

                  120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 5

120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 6



Introduction Collision Preventer of Welding Torch

The 350 welding torch system is a CO2 welding torch, which is commonly used for arc welding in Asia.


The replaceable gun neck welding gun system has the advantages of high rated value and high duty cycle: intelligent interface can realize fast maintenance and repeatable positioning functions, and shorten downtime


The welding gun system has a variety of gun necks and holders for all common machine joints to choose from.



(1)Typical Asian CO2 welding design

(2)Replaceable gun neck can shorten equipment downtime and reduce maintenance and repair costs

(3) Optimal temperature characteristics ensure long service life of wearing parts

(4) High-quality cable assemblies ensure a long service life of the system

(5) Rugged welding torch structure can achieve high collision stability

Model 350
Cooling way Air
Duty cycle 100%
Rated value 350A CO2
300A (mixed composition)
Wire diameter 0.8-1.4mm
Welding gun neck 35°
NBC-350RL Welding Power System

Device Description:

The NBC-350RL robot special welding machine has two welding modes: low spatter and constant pressure, which can realize carbon steel rich argon and CO2 gas shielded welding. This product adopts an all-digital control method, which is highly adaptable and can communicate with the arc welding robot through a digital/analog interface.


Performance characteristics

(1)Can be matched with Kawasaki robot

(2)Numerous types of digital interface control can directly call the welding parameters stored by the customer

(3)Very small welding spatter, beautiful welding seam shape

(4)Optimized arc ignition, arc closing and ball removal functions


The fully digital control system realizes precise control of the welding process and stable arc length.

Powerful digital error reporting function, a variety of faults have error codes to display.

The system has a built-in welding expert database and automatic and intelligent parameter combination.

Friendly operation interface, unified adjustment mode, easy to master.

Soft-switching inverter technology, the whole machine is highly reliable, energy-saving and electricity-saving.


Welding power parameters


No. Item Parameters

Rated input voltage/frequency

380V±25% 3P/50Hz
2 ( KVA)Rated input capacity 14
3 (A)Rated input current (A) 21
4 (V)Rated output voltage (V) 31.5
5 (%)Rated load duration (%) 60%
6 (V)Output no-load voltage (V) 96

(A/V)Output current/voltage range (A/V)

8 (mm)Welding wire diameter (mm) 0.8,1.0,1.2
9   Wire feed type Push wire
10 (L/min)Air flow rate (L/min) 15~20
11  Torch cooling method Air cooling
12   Enclosure rating IP23
13   Insulation class H

  L*W*H (cm)

  Dimensions L*W*H (cm)

15   (Kg)Weight 55
16   EMC emission level A


                                 120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 7

Option:Gun cleaning, wire cutting and silicone oil spray device

As the picture shows. The gun cleaning and silicone oil spraying device is used to clean the splash in the nozzle of the welding torch and spray anti-splash silicone oil into the nozzle. The wire cutting device is used to cut off the small ball at the tip of the welding wire and ensure that the dry elongation of the welding wire is consistent, to ensure the success rate of arc starting and the stability of the welding process, as well as the accuracy of the detection at the beginning.


              120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 8


Operating environment

1,Grounding: C grounding, grounding resistance less than 10 ohms.

2,Welding wire: disc-mounted wire

3,Use of environmental conditions (indoor)

Ambient temperature:-5℃~40℃.

Relative humidity:≤80%..No dew


Programming and Workflow

Programming flow

120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 9120mm 300mm Robotic Welding Machine CNC Door Frame Cutting Machine 10

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