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4000mm Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with vertical and horizontal cutting

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4000mm Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with vertical and horizontal cutting

4000mm Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with vertical and horizontal cutting
4000mm Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with vertical and horizontal cutting 4000mm Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with vertical and horizontal cutting

Large Image :  4000mm Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with vertical and horizontal cutting

Product Details:
Place of Origin: wuxi ,china
Brand Name: CMC
Certification: ISO
Model Number: CNC-4000*12000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: according to the machine requirement
Packaging Details: Suitable for container shipping
Delivery Time: according to the machine requirment
Payment Terms: FOB/CIF
Supply Ability: According requirement

4000mm Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with vertical and horizontal cutting

High Light:

steel plate cutting machine


cnc plasma cutting equipment

1. Brief introduction


CNC series digital cutting machine is a kind of newly researched and developed efficient automatic cutting equipment for steel plate to support processing of metallic parts based on absorbing domestic and overseas advanced software and hardware technology and it can perform vertical and horizontal cutting and cutting on any position of arc curve, which is featured with high cutting surface precision and small deformation. The equipment is featured with appropriate structure, easy operation, and advanced technology etc. CNC flame cutting is a traditional thermal cutting method, which is applicable to cut the carbon steel plate with good quality and the cutting thickness is 6-150mm. CNC plasma cutting machine is applicable to cut stainless steel and nonferrous steel with quick speed, good cutting surface roughness, high precision and small deformation. It is a best choice to get the higher quality of cutting metal material. CNC cutting machine is widely applicable to the automobile, shipbuilding petrochemical industry, boilers, pressure vessels, construction machinery, light industrial machinery and other industries.



2. Basic components


Track gauge 4000mm
Rail length 12000mm
CNC system Fang Ling FL-2500 (China)
CNC Flame cutting torch 1 set
CNC Plasma cutting torch 1 set
Auto Ignition 1set
Plasma source USA Thermadyne CUTMASTERA120



3. Function components


Capacitance height controller Hongyuda 1 set (China)
Arc voltage height controller Hongyuda 1 set (China)
Program nesting software InteGNPS (China)



4. Main technical specifications


Effective cutting width 3200mm
Effective cutting length 10000mm
Max. Return Rate 6000mm/min
Straight line positioning precision ±0.5mm/10m
Straight line repeat precision ±0.5mm/10m
Roughness of cutting surface Ra12.5
Flame cutting thickness 6-150mm
Max Flame perforation thickness 80mm
Max plasma perforation cutting thickness 16mm
Max plasma edge cutting thickness 35mm
Rails 24KG
Drive mode Double driven



5. Working environment


Environmental temperature 0-45℃
Humidity <90%, no condensation
Surroundings Ventilation, no big shake

Input voltage

(Can be made according to buyer’s country voltage requirement.)

Single phase,220V, 50HZ

Three phases, 380V, 50HZ

Input power 2000W
Cutting oxygen pressure 0.784-0.882M
Preheating oxygen pressure 0.392Mpa
Fuel gas pressure 0.049Mpa



6. Machine introduction


CNC series digital cutting machine is a new design machine in good working. Its overall looks nice, lighter, smaller accelerate force, smooth operation and to be used widely. Its main functions and features as below:

  • Main structure:

CNC series digital control cutting machine is made up of gantry frame (made up of girder and a couple of end girders), main driven rail, transverse planker, lifting cutting torch, vertical strip cutting torch, cutting platform, seton component, gas path system, electric control and servo control system, etc.

  • Gantry frame:

Girder: Square beam welding structure for removing stress is employed for the girder. Binding surface of the girder adopts key groove structure for facilitating binding end girder. Traveling surface of each guide track has undergone precision machining with sound toughness and precision. The transverse rack is fixed by the bolt on the track which is processed by girder. That is convenient for replacement and adjustment. One of the flank of the girder installed 45# high-grade carbon steel track. After tempering, the surface of track is with high rigidity and hard wearing to realize the usage of transverse planker. According to the requirement, the machine can be equipped with rail for the movement of 9 pieces (depends on customers) of multi-head vertical strip cutting torch at another side of the girder. This rail is processed in advance and formed as assembly type to meet the needs of multi-head vertical strip gas cutting.

End girder: Active end girder adopts sheet material box type welding , and removes welding stress after welding, which is compact and nice-looking and process the location key gutter with binding surface of the girder to ensure installation size. AC servo motor made in Japan and reducer made in Germany are installed in the driven end beam, which is also controlled by the driven device. The transmission device is installed on the guide sliding plate, with spring pressing device installed on one flank, to ensure joggle and transmission of gear and rack to make the equipment travel stably and meet the requirement of rate change. Horizontal guide wheel is installed on both ends of the end girder, which is used to adjust pressing content of the concentric wheel on the rail.

The gantry frame is made up of girder and end girder at both ends, with locating by key gutter at one end; it combines high strength bolts to ensure stable operation of the equipment without any deviation. Dust wiper is installed at both end surface of the end girder. During operation, it removes impurities on the rail surface to ensure requirements of processing and thermal cutting to facilitate cutting. During acceleration, deceleration and relocation, the max traveling precision of the equipment can be guaranteed.

  • Main and assistant track:

High strength rail processing is used for longitudinal rail at both sides. Precision processing is made for top surface and side surface of the rail, and precise processing rack is installed on the external side of the rail to make the drive motor drive transmission of gear and rack couple. Connect the rail with pressing plate, tie plate and connecting shaft and fix it on the supporting beam. The supporting beam is a welding part and shall be made by customers. It shall remove stress and ensure straightness, parallelism and horizontality of the guide rail, precision processing method and appropriate processing technology ensure operation precision of manufacturing, installation and product precision to make sound joggle of gear and rack with stable operation.

  • Lifting cutting torch:

To realize lifting of the cutting torch, transmission screw couple and straight line bearing are used for the numerical control cutting machine. TWT gear DC motor made in Taiwan is used as transmission device. LM straight line bearing is used for upper and lower moving. The cutting torch moves freely on the lifting rod the operation is controlled by travel switch to realize non-special lifting. The cutting torch group includes one set of numerical control cutting torch and ignition device, plasma cutting torch, and the others can selected by user’s requirement. The cutting torches are connected with fixing plate and lifting rod to ensure flexible move of the cutting torch.

  • Gas path system

Design of the gas path system shall ensure safe and reliable operation. It is comprised of two parts. One is the customer’s supplied gas supply device and gas source, collective gas supply or junction bus gas supply, with oxygen purity 99.7% and propane 86%. The other is required air way by manufacturer, namely, gas source box, distribution row and numerical control cutting torch (vertical strip cutting torch) to form an air way system. The gas source box holds 3 reduction valves and pressure gauges. Oxygen enters in two ways and propane enters reduction system of the gas source box. After pressure reduction, required gas source is obtained, oxygen pressure 0.98Mpa and acetylene pressure 0.14Mpa, the gas source enter distribution row through the joint pipe, which is made up of 3 pipe rows and fix it on the main beam surface with clamps. The distribution row is the main body of the distribution structure of the cutting torch, one way is connected to the two groups of numerical control cutting torch through the dragging chain of MS and gas source pipe,. Backfire device is installed on the air way pipe (cutting torch) to prevent backfire to make operation safe and reliable. Distribution of gas source pressure and flow is completed by rotating hand value of reduction value and cutting torch. Cutting pressure is selected according to thickness of cutting steel plate. Selection of the parameters depends on familiarized operation.



7. Key part list


Transverse optical coding device Panasonic
Longitudinal optical coding device Panasonic
Transverse drive servo motor Panasonic
Longitudinal drive servo motor Panasonic
Servo drive system Panasonic
Transverse planetary gearbox SHIMPO, Janpan
Longitudinal planetary gearbox SHIMPO, Janpan



8. List for accessories and tools


Propane Cutting Nozzle 0# 2
Propane Cutting Nozzle 1# 2
Propane Cutting Nozzle 2# 2
Tip cleaner 1
Spanner M4-M10 1
Fuse 6
Plasma cutting consumable parts 1 box



9. CNC Control System


Adtech HC-6500, China

  • System features:

² 4000mm Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with vertical and horizontal cutting 0ARM9 industrial processor high cost performance embedded system

² Won't be infected by Windows virus

² Ultra strong plasma anti-interference performance

² Highly stable hardware structure

² Ultra low power consumption, preventing system halted under high temperature

² Switch on/off at will

² Support all processing documents that managed by file.

² Each program can save up to 50,000 lines of processing codes

² The users compile the display language independently

² System documents have save and restore function

² Help function, user-friendly, simple, easy to operate

² Can be linked with a standard PS keyboard outside

² 10.4" color LCD display



10. Plasma Power Source


USA Thermadyne CUTMASTER A120, details information pls refer to www.thermadyne.com



11. Programming Software


InteGNPS from China

Brief introduction:

4000mm Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with vertical and horizontal cutting 1

InteGNPS is software used for NC (Numerical Control) cutting machine programming, support flame, plasm, laser, water jet etc. type of cutting machines.

InteGNPS support drawing and nesting in AutoCAD environment, InteGNPS convert nesting file (AutoCAD DXF) to NC code file for cutting machine, in InteGNPS can view AutoCAD nesting file, screen plot NC code file, show NC code as graphic, step by step simulate NC codes.

InteGNPS can generate NC code file for cutting machine, punched paper tape etc, integrated with auto-nesting, laminal sheet anti-distortion, intelligent lead-in and lead-out, nearby cut points auto-combined, software compensation, interference points check, cut-bridge, punch-marking, powder-marking, code optimize, NC code spell check, cutting text and other features. calculate cutting time, cutting weight, cutting area and steel usage. Generate print preview report.

InteGNPS integrate with AutoCAD effectively, AutoCAD DWG file can be used as part drawing directly for nesting, InteGNPS is simple in use, with full functions and reliably, n AutoCAD you can draw vermiform drawings. InteGNPS is a powerful and practical tool for NC cutting programming.

InteGNPS features:

2) Simple in use, easiness to learn, integrate with AutoCAD. Multi-language support, now support Chinese (Simplified) and English version.

3) Special auto correct machine cumulative, ensure complex nesting programming accurately.

4) Special combine beeline which quoin less than 0.1 mm.

5) Special luminal sheet anti-distortion can get good quality cutting.

6) Special nearby cut points auto-combined, reduce make hole times and enhance sheet usage.

7) Special intelligent lead-in and lead-out, small circle automatic lead in/out from center.

8) Special support for cutting, marking, punching composite code in one NC file.

9) Special support optimize small arc(s) to lines, prevent control card process arc(s) occur problems.

10) Software compensation supported.

11) Special support cut-in place cut-over technical, can sweep the cut-in place salient, especially useful for plasma cutting.

12) Unenclosed contour cutting supported.

13) Cut-in position modifiable, cut wise is flexible.

14) Program repeat supported.

15) Screen plot NC code as graphical, spell check, interference points check.

16) Print preview nesting layout and parameters.

17) Special communication to PocketPC, through PocketPC can send NC code to cutting machine, software FastComm is an option for PocketPC OS.

18) DNC communication supported.

19) Auto-nesting module integrated.

20) Intelligent cutting quote system module (InteQuote) help you print out the smart quote sheet and parts list after programming.

21) InteGNPS integrate with Windows Explorer.

22) Support many cutting machines, nesting once run for all cutting machines.

23) Support Tribon-GEN format file plot and convert to machine code & AutoCAD

24) InteConvert module support all kinds of machine codes converting.

InteGNPS developed ten years ago, its full-functions, run reliable, programming accurately, intelligent, easiness to learn, conveniently to use, now used widely in China.

InteGNPS is keep ahead in cutting machine programming area.
InteGNPS is for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/2003/Vista.
InteGNPS support AutoCAD R12/R13/R14/2000/2002/2004/2005/2006/2007/2008/2009 etc

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