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4x1600 High Precision 37kw Steel Coil Slitting Line

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China Wuxi CMC Machinery Co.,Ltd certification
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4x1600 High Precision 37kw Steel Coil Slitting Line

4x1600 High Precision 37kw Steel Coil Slitting Line
4x1600 High Precision 37kw Steel Coil Slitting Line 4x1600 High Precision 37kw Steel Coil Slitting Line 4x1600 High Precision 37kw Steel Coil Slitting Line 4x1600 High Precision 37kw Steel Coil Slitting Line

Large Image :  4x1600 High Precision 37kw Steel Coil Slitting Line

Product Details:
Place of Origin: WUXI,CHINA
Brand Name: CMC
Model Number: 4x1600
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: According to the machine requirements
Packaging Details: Nude
Delivery Time: According to the requirements
Supply Ability: According to the actual situation

4x1600 High Precision 37kw Steel Coil Slitting Line

Name:: Steel Coil Slitting Line Pipe Material:: Stainless/carbon Steel
Pipe Application:: Furniture,Handrail,Construction Pipes Brand Name:: CMC
Slitting Unit Thickness:: 2.5~4.5mm, C245 Pinch Roller Diameter:: 190mm
High Light:

37kw coil slitting line


4mm coil slitting line


4x1600 Steel coil slitting line High precision steel coil slitting line




We use steel wire and wooden frame to fix the pipe making machine; In addition, used shockproof film to protect the main motors. We use the container to deliver goods to our customer. Generally speaking, we start at FOSHAN port, but we also can start at other port according to customer's need.



After Service--Provide service 24 hours*7 days per week 1.Test the tube mill machine before shipment 2.Provide technical guidance relate to use the tube making machine 3.Provide the spare parts at cost price after warranty period 4.Collect the feedback for tube mill machine working 5.Provide long-term technical assistance 6.Offer the professional engineer to help you improve the output ,reduce the waste and decrease the cost.



Technical Parameter:

  1. Raw material max. thickness 4mm , Min. thickness 2.5mm. hot rolled mild steel.

  2. Width of material:800-1550mm

  3. Weight of steel coil:Max 25 tons

  4. Inner diameter of steel coil:508mm-760mm

  5. Outer diameter of steel coil:Max.1600mm

  6. Pinch roller diameter: 190mm

  7. Pinching roller motor power: 2.2kw, gearbox model: BWD13, rate:187

  8. Pinching roller working speed : 3m/min

  9. Rough leveling roller quantity : 3 , up one , bottom two.

  10. Rough leveling roller diameter: 125mm

  11. For slitting finish products, slitting width tolerance: ±0.20mm

  12. For slitting finish products, Max.weight of coil: 15ton

  13. For slitting finish products, The steel coil inner diameter: 760mm

  14. Slitting unit thickness: 2.5~4.5mm, C245

  15. Looping pit specifications: 5500×2200mm×2500mm Length×width×depth

  16. Slitting shaft diameter: 220mm

  17. Slitting shaft material:40Cr

  18. Slitting unit main motor power: 37kw (960RPM), GEAR BOX650

  19. Details of blade , spacer, rubber ring , see attachment list.

  20. Slitting blade material: H13K, Hardness HRC55-58

  21. Scrap rewind mechanism main motor power: YLJ6.3KG/M

  22. Rewinding speed, thickness 4.5mm, max. 20m/min. thickness 2.5mm, max. 25m/min AC frequency speed adjustable

  23. Rewinding unit main motor power: 90kw(960rpm), gearbox: 850

  24. Details of dimension ,see attached drawing


Detail of all the device:


1. Hydraulic coil loading dolly

This dolly can carry steel coil and make it move up and down .Four-wheel guide rail walking, up and down is finished by hydraulic cylinder, the running of the dolly is finished by motor and gearbox reducer.


2. Hydraulic decoiler

Double-head umbrella type, Including:left and right unit,

Open and close: Hydraulic

It consists of guide styled base, bracket, arrester mechanism, decoiling shaft and umbrella type double-head.

The decoiler can move from left to right and centralize simultaneously.


3.Light type Hydraulic press-guide, shovel head, opener, pinching mechanism:

It composed of frame-styled base, hydraulic press-guide arm, hydraulic shovel-head mechanism, hydraulic opener mechanism, hydraulic pinching mechanism etc.


3.1 Hydraulic press-guide mechanism: It consists of hydraulic pressing-guide arm, pressing-guide steel wheel, sprocket wheel& chain transmission mechanism, equipped with 5.5Kw cycloid pinwheel speed reducing motor etc.


3.2 Hydraulic shovel-head mechanism: It consists of shovel-head shell, hydraulic shovel-head, shovel-head hydraulic lifting& balance mechanism etc.


3.3 Hydraulic opener mechanism: It consists of guide pillar and guide sleeve, hydraulic opener press-down& lifting mechanism etc.


3.4 Hydraulic pinching mechanism: It consists of bracket, sliding block base, 2 pinching rolls, upper roll hydraulic lifting& press-down mechanism , power parts, gearbox. etc.


4.Tansition worktable length:3m


5. Rough leveling unit

The rough leveling unit has three rollers for leveling function. It is inactive mode.

6. Guiding device before slitting

Guiding device consists of working bracket, guide rail, screw mandrel adjusting& centralizing mechanism, active guide base stage, vertical roller mechanism.

All the device before the slitting unit.


7.Slitting unit:

It consists of mainframe part and power part.

Power part:It consists of power base, decelerator, AC speed-adjustable motor, gear distribution case, coupling, clutch, connection pieces, universal cross transmission etc.


Mainframe part:It consists of base stage, fixed-style bracket,big sliding block of blade shaft, blade shaft two pieces, active bracket, sliding block of tool shaft, active bracket hydraulic entry &exit blade-changing adjusting mechanism, upper tool shaft electric lifting &press-down adjustable mechani, etc.


8. Scrap rewind mechanism:

It consists of bracket, rewinding shaft, bearing base, 2 cone rewinding disks, chain& sprocket wheel transmission mechanism, reducer, coupling, motor etc.


9. Looping &transition worktable:

It consists of bracket, bearing base, rollerway, supporting plate,

Looping pit Length×width×depth: as technical parameter

transition worktable, with hydraulic cylinder for rising up.

It is including left and right two parts.


10. Pre-separation, tension mechanism, hydraulic press- seperation mechanism, plate-supporting mechanism:

It consists of base, bearing base, pre-seperation bearing, damping bracket, damping plate, damping plate hydraulic lifting& press-down mechanism, tension reverting bracket, 2 tension reflector rolls, press-seperation bracket, press-seperation shaft, press-seperation, hydraulic press-down& lifting mechanism, hydraulic plate-supporting mechanism, hydraulic plate-supporting lifting& balance mechanism, equipped with seperation sheets, nylon spacer bushes etc.


11. Recoiling unit:

It consists of base, recoiling reducing gear case, recoiling shaft, arch plate, expansion-keeping disk, diagonal sliding block expansion& retraction mechanism, hydraulic mouth of tongs clipping mechanism, expansion &rotatary oil cylinder mechanism, arrester mechanism, coupling, hydraulic active supporting arm, supporting base, equipped with AC speed-adjustable motor etc.


12. Hydraulic unloading dolly:

This dolly can carry seperated-coil, hydraulic move and lift, the running of the dolly is driven by motor four-wheeled guide track move out the line and exit.


13. Electrical system:

Central control table.

It consists of cabinet, main electrical control operating cabinet, assistant operating cabinet and other electrics. Slitting and recoiling motor.

The equipment set safety protection, emergency stop& power-cut button, machine-halt dispaly lamp etc.


14 Hydraulic system:

Hydraulic power 25L/min

Including:hydraulic station, valves, oil tank, joint, soft pipe, hard pipe and so on.

Slitting blade, spacer, space plate, spacer barrel, rubber ring list( not With machine, need additional cost)



This line is for steel coil uncoiling, plate slitting and coil steel slitting process


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