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Our company has a long history and has a long-term deposition in equipment technology. Our company products include CNC uncoiling inclined cutting production line for lamppost, CNC double-machine combined bending machine, butt-end welding machine, large automatic straight seam welding machine for high-pole lamppost, straightening machine for lamppost, CNC switch cutting machine, automatic bottom plate welding machine, automatic lamppost drilling machine, lamppost bending machine,Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment and so on. 


We are professional supplier which incorporates with industry and trade!


we passed the ISO 9001 , We have our quality control practices and procedures which embodied in the strict product quality control management, to ensure that each product delivered to customer have the same high quality.

1. Main electric elements are Siemens ,Schneider, etc

2. Solve your technical problems in 24 hours and provide international warranty service for engines.

3. Design the appearance form and color according to customers’ request.

4. More than 3 years professional production experience, the quality is reliable.

5. ISO certification.

6. Accept testing and checking before delivery

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    Standard: ISO
    Number: 00113Q27292R0S/3200
    Issue Date: 2013-07-19
    Expiry Date: 2016-07-18
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  • Wuxi CMC Machinery Co.,Ltd
    Standard: Certificate of utility model
    Number: NO.7896349
    Issue Date: 2018-09-25
    Expiry Date: 2028-09-25
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